Home Technology Predictions That Were 100% Wrong

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Since the beginning of modern civilization, people have been predicting the future. Future predictions can be exciting and hopeful to scary and daunting. No matter the prediction, the future always captures the imagination. High-end AV technology is no different. In fact, technology in the AV industry changes so rapidly that what was once considered the future, becomes reality, seemingly overnight.  …


Mirage Media Server Update: TIDAL, Murphie and Crestron Pyng

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The Mirage Audio System (MAS) by Autonomic is a media player that allows listeners to enjoy music and streaming services anywhere in a home. Play music in one room, different music in multiple rooms or start a party. With countless ways to enjoy music, the Mirage Audio Systems incorporates the latest streaming applications. The system also allows for uploading music …


Virtual Reality For Architecture and Design Is Here

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Virtual Reality has been around for decades and the excitement around the possibilities that the technology holds has always captured the imaginations of people from around the world.  The technology driving virtual reality today  compared to years past is  incomparable.  Many industries are using this new technology to give consumers a glimpse into how their products look and feel like. …


Crestron Automation: 5 Signs That It Is Time To Upgrade

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With new engineering and functionality, automation systems are constantly advancing. The main goal is to always make the lives of homeowners more convenient, comfortable, secure and entertaining. Like with any technology, when advances are introduced, previous technologies become out-dated and need to be upgraded or replaced. In this post, we explore several signs that it may be time to upgrade …

visualint 3d facil recognition

Visualint 3D Facial Recognition: Home Security News

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According to a survey compiled by the Internet of Things Consortium (IoTC),  security ranks as one of the highest concerns for homeowners when it comes to integrating technology into their home.  With an array of new security concepts and products being regularly introduced into the market, it may be confusing for consumers to make wise choices when it comes to …


Planar’s Mosaic Architectural Displays: Imagine What’s Possible

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Imagine an architectural design that allows for easily exhibiting any kind of art and bringing out a sense of ingenuity in any living environment. Planar mosaic architectural video walls are designed to fill this niche as a way of taking video wall integration to the next level. Planar mosaic is a contemporary video wall solution that allows artists, interior designers, …

Residential Technology for Interior Designers and Architects

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With the use of modern day technology, a great design can be made extraordinary. In contrast, without the proper technology foresight, a great design can be made sub par. We have seen both ends of the spectrum. In this post, we  discuss several residential technologies that can make or break a home’s design. Let us know your thoughts by following …

Crestron’s Newest Touch Screen of 2014: TSD-2020

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The TSD-2020 beautifully combines a Crestron touch screen and HD video into one slim and lightweight touch control surface that permits total control of your home. Its 20” full HD display offers a larger viewing surface for controlling AV, lighting, security, temperature and other technologies in your home while also delivering excellent video as an HDTV or computer monitor. Its high-sensitivity surface gives touch response …

Outdoor Living and Automation: What’s Possible?

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With many outdoor areas becoming a place of comfort and entertainment, outdoor integrated technology has become a  necessity. Lets explore several popular outdoor integrations. Outdoor Audio Video Control all outdoor televisions and audio zones. AHT can install an unlimited number of outdoor audio and video zones which enables control of specific music and video in certain areas of your estate. …

Regalia Miami Project Update: Automated Technology Meets Design

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Recently the AHT Media team was able to sit down with AHT Project Manager Eric Dickson and discuss one of AHT’s latest fully integrated luxury condo projects – Regalia.  Several months ago we featured Regalia as an upcoming project that AHT was beginning to break ground on. In this post, we will give you a quick update on what has …