Motorized Shades and Smart Home Controls

Motorized Shades

Natural daylight is an integral part of any well-designed space, mostly due to its ability to greatly influence the way we feel. Crisp morning light clears away the cobwebs and sets us up for a new day. Soft, warm sunlight urges us to relax and unwind. AHT’s luxury motorized shading solutions seek to harness that emotional power.

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Motorized Shades For Every Window

Comfort, convenience and energy efficiency are a few reasons why motorized shades are a must for every home.

By integrating award-winning hardware by Crestron and Lutron into your home’s design, AHT can help you conserve energy.

  • Motorized shades adapt to the sun’s position, reducing the need for electric light
  • Helps keep a home warm in winter, and cool in summer
  • When communicating with other smart systems in your home, energy usage is greatly reduced
  • Fabrics are made from sustainable materials for environmental and energy savings

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