Regalia Miami Project Update: Automated Technology Meets Design

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Recently the AHT Media team was able to sit down with AHT Project Manager Eric Dickson and discuss one of AHT’s latest fully integrated luxury condo projects – Regalia.  Several months ago we featured Regalia as an upcoming project that AHT was beginning to break ground on. In this post, we will give you a quick update on what has been happening over the past several months.

Regalia Technology

Lighting Control System Every unit sold at the Regalia comes with a Crestron lighting control system that was designed and programmed by AHT.

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Amenities System  For the amenity system, AHT installed a 24 inch Crestron touch panel in all 39 units of the Regalia building. The system will be used as a convenient way to communicate with building management for a number of applications like valet or contacting the concierge.

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Pre-Wired for Upgrades  If a homeowner wants more than the building standard, they can easily add motorized shades, audio/video and HVAC controls. The 24 inch touch panel controls all functions of the audio visual system, and future upgrades and can also be used as a High Definition TV. Each unit is pre-wired and ready for additional upgrades. The homeowner can even have their unit customized with motorized TV lifts or other products that help hide technology.

Question: What makes Regalia a unique project?

Eric Dickson: Regalia is the first high-end condo development where the developer thought about the technology before construction. Regalia is giving their residences an unique opportunity to fully integrate the latest technology into their residences.

Question: What has been one of the more enjoyable aspects of the project?

Eric Dickson: One of the more enjoyable aspects of the project is being able to work with designers such as Trend Design, Artefacto and Charles Allem Design. The three designers have their own demo units at Regalia. AHT is working closely with each of them to make sure the technology fits into their designs. The technology enhances their overall design without interfering with it. For the demo units, we usually go beyond the building standard and incorporate motorized shades, audio/video equipment and HVAC controls.

Shortly after we completed our first demo unit, which was fully integrated with technology, the unit sold in 2 days. A new demo unit for the designer is currently being constructed.

Question: What has been the feedback from Regalia now that the technology is installed?

Eric Dickson: It’s one thing to see the technology on plans, but now that the technology is installed the developers at Regalia have been blown away.

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