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AHT Residential designs, supplies and installs home automation systems to simplify homeowner’s lives.  Home automation allows for multiple systems in your home to communicate and respond to specific commands. Lighting, security, audio video systems, climate control, motorized shade/drapery systems or even your pool and spa can be accessed and controlled from a simple touch panel, keypad, iPad or handheld remote control.

Whether your home has the opulence of Victorian, the luxury loft look, or it’s a 16th-century barn or warehouse conversion, you can rebalance and renew your living space by installing a residential home automation system that will simplify your life. All you need to do is lift a finger to control your integrated devices, at home and away.

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Home Technology at Your Fingertips

From a simple touch panel keypad, an iPad or hand held remote control, you can communicate specific commands to integrated systems installed in your home in order to control your lighting, audio/video equipment, environment, drapes, your pool and spa, even your cooking – as well as your alarm systems and other appliances – designed specifically for your home by you and the expertise of an AHT Residential specialist.

Luxury home automation services have evolved to bring the world’s top intuitive technological advances into any room in your home. The most commonly requested useful services that you may wish to consider are:

Lighting Control

Take control of all or part of your home’s lighting system. With a programmed lighting control system, you can create unique lighting scenes to set the mood for each room. You can also turn off all lights in your home with the single touch of a button.

Motorized Shades

Your system’s presets can ensure that your drapes are closed at night, re-opened in the morning, and automatically close when the mid-day sun shines on your furniture.

Climate Control

Your automated system presets can ensure that you enter a pre-heated bathroom every morning, and an airy bedroom at night. By controlling your heating and air conditioning whilst away on vacation, your integrated home automated system can also save you money.

Audio/Video Controls

With integrated entertainment systems, you can manage your television’s recordings whilst your music flows freely through your connected living spaces. You can watch your recordings from your smart phone, laptop, tablet or home studio, at home or away.

Surveillance and Security

Discretely placed cameras and alarm systems  can all be integrated to give you 24 hours of recorded coverage of any or all parts of your property which can be played back via your television, smart phone, or tablet. Your alarm system can also be integrated to communicate with your lights to switch them on randomly when you are not home, so as to simulate activity within your home.

Your appliances require a reliable network to integrate with your PC systems and smart phones. AHT’s specialists can create the network you need today, so that you can connect and control everything in your home.