Technology in the modern home is evolving more rapidly than ever, creating enormous possibilities. However, this can lead to systems that are complicated. Too complicated. Basalte wants to keep things simple, intuitive and elegant, both in its form and in its function. Reduced to its essence and improving the comfort of the modern home.

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Less can be so much more

Home automation systems are often designed from a technical point of view, while Basalte believes that you should be able to control everything in an intuitive and simple way.

Sentido is very simple, yet very innovative. The entire switch is touch-sensitive, creating a very easy and unique way of control.

Thanks to the integration in KNX home automation, every surface controls different functions. Touching more than one surface at the same time turns on and off all the lights in a room using a scene. This multi-touch function makes light control highly intuitive and user-friendly.


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