4555 Pine Tree Drive


In 2015, AHT Residential was challenged with outfitting technology in a $34 million dollar Miami Beach spec-home on 4555 Pine Tree Drive.  The waterfront property has 13,500 square feet of space, its own half-basketball court, a second-floor waterslide and about 100 feet of water frontage on Indian Creek.

4555 Pine Tree Drive hit the market the beginning of 2016, and was put up for sale by its developer Barry Brodsky and his firm Brodson Construction.


To start the project, AHT consulted with developer Barry Brodsky to understand the scope of the integration. AHT’s design team worked with the architect to place all technology meticulously throughout the home. Extensive planning and meetings took place to ensure quality and craftsmanship before construction started.

Once the design and planning phase was complete, AHT technicians installed the technology as outlined. Technology integration included a 2×2 video wall, whole-home indoor and outdoor video and audio distribution, lighting control, motorized shades, climate control sensors, security and surveillance. Crestron touch panels and keypads were placed throughout the home for convenience and intuitive controls.

Now that the integration is complete, AHT is providing continued support for programming, upgrades, and any other technical issues that may arise.


  • Crestron Automation
  • Whole-Home Audio/Video
  • Video Wall
  • Lighting Control
  • Climate Control
  • Motorized Shades
  • Security and Surveillance
  • AHT_Global_Nicholas_Monaco_4555_051616-1972
  • AHT_Global_Nicholas_Monaco_4555_051616-1958
  • AHT_Global_Nicholas_Monaco_4555_051616-1948
  • AHT_Global_Nicholas_Monaco_4555_051616-1951
  • AHT_Global_Nicholas_Monaco_4555_051616-1940
  • AHT_Global_Nicholas_Monaco_4555_051616-1934
  • AHT_Global_Nicholas_Monaco_4555_051616-1914
  • AHT_Global_Nicholas_Monaco_4555_051616-1844
  • AHT_Global_Nicholas_Monaco_4555_051616-1814
  • AHT_Global_Nicholas_Monaco_4555_051616-1800
  • AHT_Global_Nicholas_Monaco_4555_051616-2
  • AHT_Global_Nicholas_Monaco_4555_051616-1795
  • AHT_Global_Nicholas_Monaco_4555_051616-1863
  • AHT_Global_Nicholas_Monaco_4555_051616-1902-2
  • AHT_Global_Nicholas_Monaco_4555_051616-1990-2
  • AHT_Global_Nicholas_Monaco_4555_051616-1991-2
  • AHT_Global_Nicholas_Monaco_4555_051616-1993-2