Planar’s Mosaic Architectural Displays: Imagine What’s Possible

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Imagine an architectural design that allows for easily exhibiting any kind of art and bringing out a sense of ingenuity in any living environment. Planar mosaic architectural video walls are designed to fill this niche as a way of taking video wall integration to the next level.

Planar mosaic is a contemporary video wall solution that allows artists, interior designers, architects and home owners to display an image or video through a series of LCD display tiles arranged in a unique pattern. The display tiles come in different sizes and shapes and can be scaled in any position or angle to fit in just perfectly. Each tile is pre-programmed before installation to define its orientation and position with reference to the others. With the artistic design, planar mosaic offers a  new medium for artists, designers, architects and home owners to express their vision for a given space. The best part is that mosaic video walls can be used anywhere, both in commercial and residential spaces.

Content Planning

Almost any content source can be used to deliver content to a Planar Mosaic video wall, including PC, MAC, media player, video wall processor or digital signage system. Planar Mosaic tiles can be daisy-chained together as needed to optimize content planning and resolution. For more details, download the Planar Mosaic Content Guide. For content developer references, visit the Planar Digital Signage Directory.

You may already be visualizing how you would like to utilize the mosaic video walls.  If so, that is 90 percent of the battle. The possibilities are truly endless.  If you are looking for quality home automation service, AHT Residential can bring your vision to reality. The Mosiac can also be installed by AHT Commercial and AHT Marine. All three divisions are under the umbrella of AHT Global. Contact any division for more information.