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Less Is More: Crestron’s Universal App Control

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These days, just about anything you can control with a remote control, you can do with a mobile app. Crestron’s revolutionary iPad and iPhone apps mean no more having to keep multiple remotes or open multiple apps to control a single device.  All you need is one app that controls all of your home’s devices. With the 2014 introduction to …


2 Button Crestron Keypad: Simplified Home Automation

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Even with all of the conveniences of home automation , there is always room for improvement and adding new functionality. For example, if you use your iPad to control your home’s automation system, you know that fumbling through an iPad and trying to open an app in the middle of the night while waking from a deep sleep to turn on …

Crestron’s Newest Touch Screen of 2014: TSD-2020

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The TSD-2020 beautifully combines a Crestron touch screen and HD video into one slim and lightweight touch control surface that permits total control of your home. Its 20” full HD display offers a larger viewing surface for controlling AV, lighting, security, temperature and other technologies in your home while also delivering excellent video as an HDTV or computer monitor. Its high-sensitivity surface gives touch response …