Crestron Automation: 5 Signs That It Is Time To Upgrade

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With new engineering and functionality, automation systems are constantly advancing. The main goal is to always make the lives of homeowners more convenient, comfortable, secure and entertaining. Like with any technology, when advances are introduced, previous technologies become out-dated and need to be upgraded or replaced. In this post, we explore several signs that it may be time to upgrade your Crestron control system.

1. GUI (graphical user interface)

The GUI has an enormous impact on the homeowners’ user experiences when interacting with their automation systems. So much so that an out-of-date GUI can make using automation systems nothing less than a constant exercise in frustration. With an updated GUI design, a home automation system’s functionality can be made more streamlined and simple.

2. Mobile Device Control

It been almost 5 years since Crestron introduced their mobile app for mobile devices. If a system does not have the capability or programming needed to control a system from a mobile device, it may be time to upgrade your system.

3. New Audio Video Formats

New audio video formats are being introduced all the time, bringing with them new capabilities. To make use of the new capabilities like 4K and UHDTV, homeowners have to make sure that their automation systems is compatible. The most advanced product for video processing today is Crestron Digital Media which supports all video formats.

4. Limited Zones to Expand System

There are limits to the number of sources and zones that every automation system can support. Once these limits have been reached, upgrades are needed to ensure that homeowners can continue automating more and more areas or zones of  their homes.

5. Spaghetti Wiring


Automation systems result in a lot of wiring, which can be both complicated and time-consuming to sort out when tangled. An upgrade can be exactly what is needed to simplify such messes, thus making cleaning and maintenance that much more manageable in the future.

Further Considerations

Of course, it is important to note that different homeowners have different needs when it comes to their automation systems. AHT Residential is here to assist in upgrades and technology systems that help homeowners live better simpler lifestyles.

For more information about upgrades, feel free to contact us with any questions.