Outdoor Living and Automation: What’s Possible?

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With many outdoor areas becoming a place of comfort and entertainment, outdoor integrated technology has become a  necessity. Lets explore several popular outdoor integrations.

Outdoor Audio Video

Control all outdoor televisions and audio zones. AHT can install an unlimited number of outdoor audio and video zones which enables control of specific music and video in certain areas of your estate. With weather-resistant televisions, homeowners don’t have to worry about the occasional bad weather damaging their high-end televisions. A popular television AHT uses is Séura’s Storm Television. The television employs a proprietary combination of anti-reflective screen coatings and an impressive 700-nit brightness rating. Séura’s sophisticated glass coating refracts reflections from both the sun and the TV itself, allowing a purely clear image to shine through.


TV Lifts

Automated TV lifts give homeowners the ability to hide televisions in places where they would not like them to be seen at all times. One of the more luxurious TV lift sis the C’SEED. The C’SEED is not a typical lift. It’s the worlds largest outdoor display that is hidden. When activated from a control device, the C’SEED lifts from under the ground and unfolds into a mammoth 201 inch display. AHT has the ability to install traditional lifts as well. We suggest speaking with one of our technology designers to learn what is possible.

An AHT installed C’SEED


Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor Lighting

Automate and create outdoor ambiance by lighting the path from your gate to your house. In addition, homeowners can  design custom lighting scenes that change with a touch of a button. These lighting scenes are perfect for creating different moods for different events or gatherings outdoors or indoors.

Pools & Hot Tubs

Pool and hot tub controls are also very popular amongst outdoor integration. Heating up the water on the way home from work makes it convenient to enjoy the pool or hot tub  without the wait.

Security & Cameras

If your home is equipped with high-end technology chances are you will want an outdoor surveillance system.  A surveillance system is a must for home’s that posses high value items. In addition to protecting your homes valuables, your surveillance system can help you keep in eye on your loved ones safety. For example,  if you have children, who you can  monitor them to ensure peace of mind no matter where you are.

The possibilities for home and outdoor automation are endless, and there are plenty of ways to make your life more convenient and secure both indoors and outdoors. If you have additional questions, feel free to contact AHT Residential. We have a friendly staff that can help you make the best informed decision about your indoor or outdoor home automation system.