Smart Ways to Control Your HVAC

HVAC Control

Controlling and regulating the heating, ventilation and air conditioning throughout a luxury home is a unique challenge. Rooms of varying sizes and functions behave differently to one another in terms of heat retention and air circulation, and changing seasons and environmental pressures add yet more variables. So how do you make somewhere as diverse as a home as uniformly comfortable as possible? AHT has the answer.

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Take Control of Your Home’s Climate in Every Room

The perfect atmosphere all day, everyday.

AHT’s bespoke service means that you end up with a unique system designed to meet the demands of your home.

  • Crestron thermostats strategically placed throughout your home by HVAC experts. AHT take into account the properties of each room for optimum placement.
  • Multiple thermostats can be networked together to work in harmony across an entire building.
  • Small, discreet sensors can be used as an alternative to multiple thermostats.
  • Heating, ventilation and air conditioning can be programmed to work with other smart features, such as motorized blinds that adapt to the sun’s position. An energy-efficient way to keep a home warm in winter, and cool in summer.
  • A different pre-set temperature for when the house is unoccupied can save energy.
  • Keep the temperature and humidity in a wine cellar or greenhouse at a constant, optimum level.
  • Choose the perfect environmental conditions for your arrival home each day.



About AHT Global

Three Divisions, One unique experience.

Established in the year 1996 as Advanced Home Theater – a home theater and residential technology company – AHT Global has grown into one of the leading technology integrators in the world, with over 75 employees in our Miami, New York and Philadelphia locations. AHT Global is the parent company to three distinct divisions: AHT Residential, AHT Commercial and AHT Marine.