The Ultimate Crestron Home 2017


This Miami Beach residence takes luxury living to the next level. When a long-time AHT Global client called us to explain their idea of expanding their property to add two separate apartments, a hidden wine room, a commercial style gym, a home theater and an outdoor entertainment area that features a retractable roof, we were open ears.

Based on the size of the property, amount of equipment and customization needed to complete the project to the owner’s specifications, we knew Crestron was the only choice. 


Powered by Crestron, this sprawling Miami Beach waterfront home features intuitive audio/video, lighting, security, CCTV, HVAC, In-Ceiling TV-lifts, and pool/spa controls throughout the interior and exterior of the property. Four Pro3 Crestron processors and three CP3 processors are used throughout the property to control all of the home’s functionality. Distributed throughout the home are Crestron Gateway RF receivers to allow the strategically placed touchpanels and hand-held remotes to communicate properly. Several DigitalMedia matrix switchers ranging in size from 8×8 to 32×32 are used to add ultra-fast digital video and audio switching, and lossless HD multiroom signal distribution. Four 24×8 SWAMP’s are used to distribute audio inside and outside of the property.

Main House

The main house has over 34 zones and utilizes Pro3 processors and CP3 processors. The house has nine iPad’s with Crestron apps enabled, six Crestron touch panels and eleven handheld Crestron remote controls. The devices have the ability to control HVAC, security, lighting, shades, and audio/video.

Outdoor Area

The outdoor area is a large courtyard with a commercial grade retractable canopy to block the sun and weather conditions. It features a jumbo-tron stadium-like outdoor television and outdoor audio speakers. There is also an outdoor bar/grille area with two televisions. The Crestron system controls all of the the media content.

Home Theater

AHT Residential, Crestron, Barco Residential and other partners delivered a sophisticated, multi-faceted home theater experience. The world’s first residential Barco Prometheus Laser projector was installed which delivers superior brightness, black levels, color space and high resolution for a perfect picture. The theater screen stretches 15.5 feet wide with an aspect ratio of 2:40.

For control, a Crestron automation system designed by AHT was implemented to control the home theater’s thermostat, lighting and audio/video sources. Arthur Lambert provided custom audio and room design specifically tailored to the space.

Wine Room

The wine room is integrated with Crestron HVAC, lighting and audio/video controls. There is an in-ceiling TV-lift that is activated when turning on the TV.


This state-of-the art gym rivals any gym where you would pay a membership. It features a life-like video art display centered between two television screens that is controlled using Crestron enabled devices. Temperature, lighting and audio/video content can all be controlled easily.

Apartment 1 & 2

Two apartments were added to the property earlier this year. The apartments are powered by Crestron and enable guests to search their favorite media content and play it on the television or the apartments’ audio system. Lighting, shades and temperature controls are also integrated into the apartments.

User Benefits

The homeowner and their guests now have now have an integrated solution to control audio, video, computer, IP and environmental systems, the Crestron system has streamlined all of the home’s technology, making the home more convenient, comfortable and secure.

Choosing music and media sources to play throughout the property or in a specific room is a breeze. Adjusting the temperature, setting the mood with the right lighting, and making sure the security is armed, can also all be controlled and managed from any of the Crestron touchpanels or handheld devices.