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Visualint 3D Facial Recognition: Home Security News

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According to a survey compiled by the Internet of Things Consortium (IoTC),  security ranks as one of the highest concerns for homeowners when it comes to integrating technology into their home.  With an array of new security concepts and products being regularly introduced into the market, it may be confusing for consumers to make wise choices when it comes to securing their property and family. As home automation engineers and consultants, AHT takes the guess work out of securing your home. We do research and testing on every security product we spec before integrating it into a project.  One security product as of late that has caught our attention is the Visualint’s  3-D Facial Recognition Intercom Solution.

Watch the video and read more below to learn about the Visualint 3D Facial Recognition System.

The Features

The main feature of this device is undoubtedly  the 3-D facial recognition, which can be utilized in tandem with an RFID reader, as well as a PIN-code, for a highly effective way to secure premises.  Furthermore, the product is also composed of the following notable features:

  • Audio/Video intercom VOIP w/ SIP communication server
  • Stainless steel trim ring vital to surface mount
  • Intuitive touch-screen user interface
  • Integrated RFID card reader
  • Surface or flush mounting (back box included)
  • Back box cut-out dimensions: 122 x 41 x 242mm/4.8 x 1.6 x 9.5in
  • Unit overall dimensions: 178 x 312mm/7 x 12in
  • Includes 1 fob
  • Environmental protection IP65
  • IEEE 802.3at PoE+ compliant, 25.5 watts
  • Connection via Ethernet or optional 2 wire inc. 128 Bit AES encryption
  • Web-based configuration: remote or on-site

LCD Screen and User Experience

Specifically crafted with a sunlight-readable, high contrast, color LCD screen, the device allows for complete graphical user interface design and personalization. This means designers and programmers can customize the screen to fit a homeowners tastes.  Furthermore, the display is highly suitable for outdoors as it offers a non-reflective display screen even in direct sunlight, making this a great option for managing the various entrances to any residence.

To Sum it Up

When security matters, it’s always good to have the latest in technology advancements that can combat external threats. We believe Visualint’s 3-D Facial Recognition Intercom Solution is an unequivocal stride in the right direction.