Watching Football on the weekend Just got Better!

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Are you ready for the 2012 football season? Bring the Sports Bar Home with a Video Wall installed by AHT Residential

On any given day watch one or all of the games on one of these Broadcast Quality Systems. Now you are the Network Sport Pro in your own home.

Watch and track your favorite team, see who is leading the conference as you watch several games at once. This is also a great way to track your fantasy football stats in real time as you watch your player’s on different teams at the same time.

This is a sure way to have the best seat in the house, finest food, and all around good time without leaving the comfort of your own home.

Watch Football on State of the Art Video Wall

As the football season gets underway, you will want to be completely ready for another season of frenetic action on the field.

Nothing beats the buzz of watching football on a video wall, where you get fantastic depth and quality displayed over multiple screens. As the teams once again aim for glory you can now watch the action on a stunningly innovative Clarity Matrix LCD Video Wall that brings the quality of perfect vision in a state of the art package.

The Clarity Matrix is the very latest in video wall technology that comes loaded with an ultra narrow bezel, making the LCD display the narrowest on the market. The Clarity Matrix will give you the crispest image across multiple screens, and the ability to watch multiple games from differing venues simultaneously.

The high performance of the LCD Video Wall  ensures that what you see on screen is as real as being in the stadium.

Meridians speakers will bring the game to life

The multiple screens Video Wall will definitely provide the stunning high performance visuals you want, but you will need something that brings to life the sounds of the big game. If you also want to hear every kick, every tackle, and every chant from the crowd, the Meridians DSP speakers will bring the game to life. They are the perfect accompaniment to the video wall.

Using Digital Signal Processing (DSP) the Meridian speakers deliver a crisp sound of clarity and depth that leave other sound systems lacking in comparison. Being able to completely control the sound makes the Meridian speakers a potent tool, and with the use of high-resolution converters you can achieve a sound that is rich in clarity, and warmth.

The Meridian DSP system is at such a technologically advanced stage that it can offer a spatial sound, and breadth of volume far beyond speakers of much larger size, and on top of this they are customizable to your taste, with 250 RAL colors from which to choose.

Getting it all set up

The LCD Video Wall is very easy to set up accurately, as are the Meridian DSP speakers, but of course sometimes it is still good to get the professional touch for peace of mind. AHT Residential are a bespoke outfit that specialize in fitting video and audio systems, meaning you will get the best possible installation options and finish.

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