Crestron Announces IP Control for Apple TV; Integration with Siri and HomeKit

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As part of Crestron’s continued focus on embracing integration with 3rd party devices, their control systems will soon be integrated with Apple’s product line for the home. The announcement came at Apple’s World Wide Developers Conference 2018.

Homeowners will soon be able to control Apple TV with their voice via Crestron remotes, as well as use Siri to control parts of their home.

“We are working to ensure a complete technology solution for Crestron Technology Professionals and homeowners,” said John Clancy, VP of Residential at Crestron, on the decision. “An overwhelming percentage of our residential customers use Apple products as part of their home technology ecosystems, and delivering a seamless integration between Crestron and Apple solutions will absolutely enhance the homeowner’s user experience.”

In a statement, Crestron states that the newly announced integration will “bring two important benefits to Crestron customers” – the first outlined as IP control of Apple TV (including voice commands via the TSR-310 touchscreen remote), and the second being users being able to use Siri on their iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch or HomePod speaker to control Crestron devices in the home across entertainment, lighting, shading and temperature control.

For more news at Apple’s World Wide Developers Conference 2018, watch the video below.

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