Meridian Audio Steals the Show at CES 2015

AHT Media Meridian Audio, Meridian Audio Loudspeakers, Meridian DSP8000 Loudspekers

Our long time partners, Meridian-Audio made a huge impression on CES 2015 with their DSP8000SE Loudspeaker and their revolutionary MQA technology. Ryan Donaher our long time Meridian-Audio representative stated, “It was the most successful show for Meridian in years. MQA and DSP-SE were a SMASH hit!” You don’t have to take Ryan’s word for it. Read the accolades and awards …


The Anatomy of the Meridian DSP8000 Loudspeaker

AHT Media Meridian Audio Loudspeakers, Meridian DSP8000 Loudspekers

Imagine perfect sound, perfect acoustics, pristine notes, and no reverberation or distortion.  The Meridian Audio DSP8000 Loudspeaker achieves that perfection, but what makes it so elite? In this post, we will dissect several features of the DSP8000 and discover why it has become known by many  as one of the most sought after loudspeakers in the audio industry. Specialty Cabinets …