Ultimate Crestron Home Media Room: Featuring Runco Window Wall

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Several months ago AHT Residential completed an extensive transformation of what was once a gym into a one of a kind media room experience. The media room’s key feature is a 3×3 video wall called the Runco Window Wall. 3×3 means you can view up to 9 different sources on 9 different screens all at once. For an attention deficit society, this solution is perfect! You can have several screens for video game play while watching multiple sporting events on the rest. With a touch of a button from the AHT Residential designed Crestron touch screen, you can organize and change where the sources are being displayed. How awesome is that!

The 9 different 46inch screens can also be configured to feature one source across all displays creating a very large viewing area. When watching a movie or something that requires your full attention, this configuration is best. If you are not into watching TV, the video displays can also function as a piece of multimedia art, much like Planar’s Architectural Display.

In the end, what the Runco Window Wall offers is flexibility and customizability. The screens are expandable, you can customize any size video wall you want 2×2, 3×3 (as featured in this project), 5×5, 10×10, or even 100×100! It’s limitless.

The Runco Window Wall was the centerpiece of this project, but it’s also important to note the high-end Crestron controlled Genelec and Meridian audio system, motorized shades, lighting, HVAC, DJ Booth, and camera system.

Here is a video we published recently that illustrates the project. We called it “The Ultimate Man Cave”. AHT Residential’s Nicolas Del Corral does his best Morgan Freeman impersonation narrating the video.

Being able to construct such an amazing room, wouldn’t be possible without having a client that allowed us to stretch the limits of electronic design and integration, so a big thanks to our client for the opportunity.

When taking on such a transformation, it truly is a complete team effort. From the partners we work with on the project such as Crestron, Runco, Meridian, Genelec, and Lutron to all AHT Residential’s electronical engineers, technicians, installers, and programers, we all had to come together to make sure the integration results were flawless. Working as a team is what makes the end result so much more rewarding.

Here are a few shots of the AHT team hard at work during the installation. Click on thumbnail(s) to expand photo.

If you have have any questions about this media room or a project you have coming up, feel free to drop us a line. We can give some friendly advice. You can also download our “Six Must Know Technology Tips When Building Your Luxury Home” It will give you a quick overview of a few considerations.

Key Takeaway: If you are looking to add flexibility and customizability to a home theater or media room, the Runco Window Wall might be the solution.