The Perfect Home Automation System: Does It Exist?

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When you are considering investing in a home automation system, chances are you want assurances that it will be as perfect and headache free as possible. It would be perfect if all components and equipment never needed updated and the system worked flawlessly for as long as you owned your home without the need of support.  This would be considered home automation bliss.

Some AV contractors may promise this type of bliss, but the truth is support matters. It is probably the most important aspect when purchasing a robust home automation system. It is important to know the company installing and programming the devices will be there to give support and updates when needed.

If an AV company ever tells you no support will ever be required, you might want to look elsewhere for a home automation provider. Here’s why.

Home Automation Is Complex

Home automation systems are complex, with many moving parts. You’re essentially taking a central management system, plugging in lighting, security systems, audio, video, HVAC and more. You have different components, different manufacturers, high tech equipment, and probably at least a few thousand feet of various kinds of cabling.

With so many circuit boards, components, connections and wiring, there will be a day when an update is needed or service is required.

Design Quality Is Important

The fist step in ensuring that you have minimal home automation issues over the lifespan of your system is to work with a company that designs systems carefully and uses products and components from reputable, recognized and quality brands. A well designed system that is built well from the start will give you the best shot at dodging bullets early on.

Support Is Critical

Good home automation service providers will give long-term support and have a reputable track record. They’ll help with component warranty issues, and with software troubles. They’ll send technicians out to fault find, and they’ll advise on the best way to fix problems.

So while the perfect home automation system may not exist, you can find companies that will provide the support you need to keep your home running as it should. Below is a video illustrating AHT Global’s commitment to support and remote monitoring.

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