A Children’s Story: Analog and Digital

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The Analog and Digital story is sure to be told to our children for centuries to come…… well maybe.

Once upon a time, there lived a transmission by the name of Analog. Analog worked hard for many years providing homes with entertainment. The families in those homes were very grateful for all that Analog provided. This made Analog extremely happy.

All was going well for Analog, and then seemingly out of the blue a new creature arrived. His name was Digital. Analog watched as families turned more and more to Digital while ignoring him. Analog made a pact with himself to never speak or help Digital, but, as time went on, Analog saw that Digital was taking over all the homes in all the neighborhoods throughout the world. This made Analog very sad. Finally, Analog broke down and decided to communicate to Digital. He offered Digital a truce, so they could both work together side by side. Digital looked at Analog with a perplexed look and kept going on about his business. This is when Analog realized they spoke completely different languages.

Analog went in circles trying to figure out ways to survive with Digital, so he came up with an idea to place ads for translators who could speak both languages. This way they could at least communicate to each other. He finally found a few helping hands and was able to communicate to Digital.  The relationship between Analog and Digital, however, is fading fast, and as this story is told Analog is holding on by a thread.

How well do you know the Analog and Digital story? Take the 14 question digital challenge below to find out! When finished, hit the next button and scroll down to view the correct answers and your score.

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Key Takeaway: The battle between Digital and Analog is over. Digital won.