Steve Jobs: Saying Good-Bye to an Icon

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I remember walking thru the Museum of Modern Art in New York back in February 2004, and an  Apple iPod was on display. I thought how could this be considered a piece of modern art? I was shocked to see an iPod amongst abstract paintings, sculptures, and mix media. Fast forward seven years, and it is the only piece of modern art that I actually remember on that day. I am not sure if that says something about the other art that was being displayed, or how Apple’s brand is embedded into my consciousness. Either way, there is no denying Steve Jobs, the co-creator of Apple and it’s products, was a great American inventor, artist, and businessman.

Some forget to realize Steve Jobs created Apple, sold Apple, started another computer company called NeXT, co-founded Pixar Animation Studios, and then merged back with Apple in 1996 when Apple was on a downturn. From that takeover in 1996 to present day, Steve Jobs and Apple revolutionized the consumer electronics industry like no one could have ever imagined. Invention after invention, consumers flocked to their products, and their competitors tried to follow behind only to fall short every time. Products like the iPod, iPad, iPhone, Apple TV, and even Mac Mini have had a great impact on home automation and much of the world for that matter. All these products made the way people communicate and obtain information much easier in the “digital age”. Once our clients had these electronic goodies in hand, it only made sense they would become part of their  integrated  home automation system for control (iPad), music (iPod), and video (Apple TV).

Key Takeaway: There is no denying the void left by Steve Job’s passing. His contribution to the world is undeniable. His legacy will live on much like great inventors and artists before him. The question is who will be the next great inventor and pioneer to step up in his place and re-revolutionize people’s lives?