Smart Glass: A Perfect Solution to Compliment Motorized Shades

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Smart glass has come a long way since its first introduction earlier this decade. According to the US Department of Energy’s National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL), smart glass can save up to 8 percent of a building’s or home’s total energy consumption. Additional benefits of smart glass include privacy, convenience, and improved security.

Learn about the real-world applications for smart glass below.

Dynamically Adapting Residential Glass

SolarSmart is a self-tinting, high performance glass that darkens in the presence of direct sunlight to block heat, glare and damaging ultraviolet light.

Dynamically adapting SolarSmart Glass reduces the need for blinds and drapes in a residence, and will significantly cut the cooling & lighting costs. Even in its darkest state, sunlight responsive SolarSmart is still transparent, always preserving the view.

SolarSmart is 100% solar activated, solar powered and solar controlled, requiring no external power or user involvement. This dramatically simplifies installation and maximizes potential energy savings.

Solar controlled, SolarSmart glass is available as complete windows, doors & skylights for contractor installation.

Block the Light, Not the View

eGlass will enhance the look and feel of any room, without detracting from the decor of the room itself. Windows glazed with switchable glass give the ability to instantly change the state of the glass from clear, to tint, to private, automatically, or at the touch of a button.

These electronic glass windows, outfitted with SPD SmartGlass, eliminate the need for view-blocking window treatments, shield 99% of harmful UV rays that can damage valuable furnishings & artwork, and are easy to clean. Unlike ordinary tinted glass which permanently darkens the room, patented SPD SmartGlass can be variably controlled to transform any sunlight-filled space into a cool and comfortable environment.

Room darkening smart glass is available for new construction, or can be added to existing windows, doors and skylights when replacing the glass is not an option.

Retrofit Privacy Glass

A problem that many New Yorkers face; neighbors facing into their apartment. To eliminate this fishbowl feeling, electronic privacy glass can replace the sloped glazing.

Due to this hard to shade & hard to reach area, blinds are a difficult option. By utilizing Switchable LC Privacy Glass,  daylight is still able to enter the space & helps to reduce sun-glare while also blocking the view outside.

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