Next Technology Wave: Seamless Computing

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The number of people who own multiple smart phones, tablets, displays, home computers, office computers, laptops are growing at a rapid pace, and the trend is not expected to stop anytime soon. With this flood of more and more gadgets, new innovation possibilities are right around the corner. Recently, maybe three months back, we created an eBook titled “5 Insights to the Future Connected Home”. It covered several subjects, and the video below by nsquared, a software development company specializing in user experiences, illustrates one of them. In the video below, you will see a combination of Microsoft technologies such as Windows Phone 7, Microsoft Surface, Windows 7 on a tablet PC, Microsoft Kinect, and a video projection system used to review, look into, manipulate, and change an interior detail. The system even responds to voice commands. The ability to change items can be done quickly and seamlessly as seen when a door handle needs to be changed out. As high-end technology designers and engineers, we see this software as a welcome addition in the collaboration process between us and our design partners. We, also, see the total home being integrated with seamless computing in the very near future.

Even though, nsquared created this video from an architects and designers point of view (which we think is really exciting), it’s easy to see this technology becoming main stream in a wide-variety of applications. Some companies, like Corning, have already envisioned our world with this technology featured by nsquared. You can check out one of our previous posts about Corning’s vision of our future by clicking here.

What about past predictions of our future technology?
In 2004, microsoft came out with this video about their future vision of the family home. Let us know your thoughts…remember it came out in 2004!

Key Takeaway: The future is always around the corner. The inventions of today create the possibilities for tomorrow.

To learn more about our thoughts on future technology, click on the image below to download our Free eBook “5 Insights to the Future Connected Home”.