New Year’s Resolution: Make Your Home a Smart Home

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The home of tomorrow can be your home today. AHT Residential is ready to help you install the five hottest home technology upgrades. These amazing technologies not only make your life easier they add value to your home as well. Let AHT Residential help you get a jump start on making 2013 the year your home started working for you.

The first home technology upgrade for your home is a deluxe automated lighting system. Imagine being able to control all the lights from anywhere in your home or backyard. The Crestron system allows you to program your lighting from a touchpad console, an iPhone or  iPad. Preprogram buttons to make every light in the house come on or choose several preset modes such as party or movie mode that set single, or multiple rooms to a specific lighting level. You decide which light to turn on/off.

The second home technology upgrade is to  home audio/video system. This Crestron system streamlines the audio and video in your home. The system allows you to select what you want to watch or listen to and automatically adjusts all the inputs for you. The easy to use menu allows you to simply select a source for your entertainment and the system takes care of the rest.  The menu will display all of your sources such as blue-ray, cable, DirectTV, iPhone, iPad or game system. The Crestron audio/video system will switch the audio and video inputs and direct the signal to wherever in the house you choose. One controller will allow you to program all the sound and televisions in the entire house.

The next home technology upgrade is motorized shades. The Crestron Skylight Shading system helps you gain greater control over the energy efficiency of your home. As with other superior Crestron products, the skylight Shading system allows you to program every room individually. The proper use of shades reduces summer heat gain and winter heat loss. The state-of-the-art tensioning system keeps shades taut across even long spans and skylights.

Keeping it cool and hot is the fourth home technology upgrade a customized home climate control systems. The experts at AHT Residential can integrate a climate control system into the same touchpad used to control the home’s AV. Every day can have a unique temperature setting. Changing your mind is easy; you can even use your smart phone to adjust the settings. Many homes can also be configured with different climate zones for perfect comfort levels.

The fifth and maybe most important home technology upgrade is indoor and outdoor security. AHT Residential  technicians can also tie several cameras into the same touchpad controlling your home’s AV. Several different cameras can be seen at the same time in thumbnail mode, or one camera can be selected for a better view. The cameras can be controlled form either the touchpad or an iOS enabled device. Security alerts can be sent as email or text messages to your smart phone.

AHT Residential  is ready to help you make the home of tomorrow your home today. These latest upgrades not only make your home more exciting, but they add value to your home. The motorized shade and customized climate control systems also saves you money by making your home more energy efficient. Get started today on making 2013 the year of your smart home. 

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