Lutron: Motorized Shades, Drapes, and Now Blinds!

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A naked window in the eyes of an interior designer is like a blank canvas waiting to be painted. The question arises what tool is needed for the job? Well, the interior design toolbox has just increased with Lutron’s new Venetian Motorized Blinds with Intelligent Tilt Alignment.

Control Features:

• Set favorite blind height and tilt angle for the slats (called a preset)—shades will automatically adjust to that height and tilt angle with the touch of a button.
• You can also set more than one preset, giving you a range of options for automatically adjusting blinds.
• Intelligent Tilt Alignment ensures that the slat angle between adjacent blinds remains
within 1/16th of an inch of each other for a clean look.
• With one touch, you can precisely position the slats., from down to a fixed tilt angle.
• Integrates seamlessly into existing whole home control units like Crestron

Design Features:

• Genuine hardwoods – Elite Collection
• Painted and stained hardwoods – Premium Collection
• Brushed and painted aluminums – Aluminum Collection
• Custom color matching is available exclusively for the Elite Collection.

View Lutron Blind Swatches


Key Takeaway: For control, function , and design Lutron has been the name trusted for more then 50 years by industry professionals. Their new addition of motorized blinds are yet another innovation by a titan in the industry.