Is it Really Important to Hire a Smart Home Technology Integrator?

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When smart home design and installation is handled by a professional installation company, they will have the expertise and the knowledge to create an intelligent, user-friendly ecosystem in your home. In addition, most professional technology integrator offer long-term support and even monitoring services. This gives a homeowner peace-of-mind in knowing that the equipment is maintained regularly, system errors can be fixed by a trained engineer and malfunctioning hardware can quickly be replaced. Homeowners who decide to DIY a smart home are left on their own if any problems occur.

A professional smart home installer will be able to advise on which products have a proven track record of performance and manufacturer support, and which will work the best together. When working with a professional integrator, you should expect superior performance, increased device longevity and a long-term product road map. This often includes regular software updates and occasional field upgrades for your existing device, extending the lifetime of your initial investment.

Do-It-Yourself or Hire a Professional?

Smart home technology is split into two groups. One option is to buy and install the technology yourself. The smart technology market for smart home devices is rapidly increasing every year. If you choose the DIY approach, your costs will be absorbed up front with an additional budget built in for replacement once the warranty has expired. Since there is no unified standard for smart technology currently, not all devices will communicate with each other automatically. This makes the do-it-yourself option a potential nightmare with compatibility issues, requiring significant research and tweaks before everything can be made to work together. The other option is to hire a professional with a maintenance contract. This means that the technology implemented will remain up to date and operational for the full lifetime of the system. Taking the option that seems less expensive might not be the most cost-effective choice when the expense
is measured over time.

The Best Choice

The installation of a smart home is usually best left to professionals with the expertise and the knowledge to create an intelligent, user-friendly ecosystem, especially when it comes to large homes that require custom functionality. If you have questions, contact one of our smart home system design specialists today. We will be able to guide you in the right direction.