Can Smart Home Technology Boost Home Sales?

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The kitchen is perfect. The rooms are spacious. There is a yard for the kids to play. Great neighborhood. These are all lines a real estate agent may use in describing a home that is on the market. The thing is there are a number of these homes on the market, and the buyers are limited.

When the market is flooded and the demand is low, adding value is a good way to create sales. So, what can make a home more attractive and unique as well as give the buyer more value? There are traditional upgrades such as appliances, paint jobs, light fixtures, maybe even adding a pool. How about making it smarter?

In the next 5 years, smart home technology will be as main stream as the PC computer. Architects, home builders, and designers will start constructing all homes with management solutions that control energy systems, light systems, HVAC systems, appliances, security systems, and other devices. There will be key considerations for distributed communication via audio and video. The reason all homes will be built this way is because the housing market, determined by the buyer, will demand it. The buyer will demand the added security, comfort, and peace of mind.

If every home in the near future will be built with smart technology, it makes sense to retrofit homes that are on the market today into smart homes. This would give them a distinct advantage over the current competition as well as prepare them for the “smart home” boom in the coming future.

I know what you are thinking…

What about the cost? Would it be worth an investment?
First and foremost, there are solutions for all size homes and budgets. A good rule of thumb is to take the value of the house and times it by 10%. This will give you a round about figure for the cost. Keep in my mind, it all depends on how smart you want to make the home, and what type of entertainment goodies you want to put into it. Here at AHT Residential we integrate using Crestron for mostly luxury projects, but there are solutions on the market that can fit almost any home’s needs.

How about the way technology evolves?
Ever since the invention of the wheel, technology has evolved. That being said,
it is always wise to have the foresight for possible upgrades. This doesn’t mean a full system overhaul, but maybe tweaks in a system that can be made. This would make a good selling point for a possible homebuyer. You can contact us or another reputable dealer if you have any questions about this.

For new construction AV tips. You can download our guide. Click on the image below.

Key Takeaway: Smart home technology increase the value in the eyes of a home buyer. Future design will make every home a “smart home”. It’s wise to stay ahead of the curve in todays competitive housing market.