Basalte Motion Sensor Auro: Compact Design with Big Functionality

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Since coming to the U.S., the Belgian manufacturer Basalte has pushed the boundaries with its beautiful control solutions for the high-end smart home, including minimalist iPad mounts and touch-sensitive keypads made of aluminum, bronze, and glass. Their latest smart home solution is a motion sensor called Auro.

Announced at CEDIA 2017, Basalte Auro is a small, fast and almost invisible motion sensor for Crestron and Lutron HomeWorks QS systems. With its flat design, Auro blends in any interior, while it boasts more functionalities then you would expect from a motion sensor.

Beyond motion sensing, the Auro includes a built-in light sensor and internal temperature sensor. When integrated into Crestron or Lutron systems, this motion, light, and temperature sensing can be used to execute any automation command the homeowner desires.

The built-in light sensor is designed for light-dependent switching, dimming and controlling scenes and can even behave differently during day or night. The internal temperature sensor discretely reports the room temperature to the home automation system while it can also be used to trigger a heat alarm in case of an abnormal temperature rise.

With a vertical detection angle of 90°, it has a detection area with a diameter of 5m when installing at a height of 2.5 m, making it perfect for hallways, bathrooms and small rooms.

Auro has a visible diameter of 2″ with an innovative flat design. Only requiring an opening of 1.7″, it is very easy to install. With a vertical detection angle of 90 degrees, it has a detection circle with a diameter of 16″ when installing at a height of 8″, making it perfect for hallways, bathrooms, dressings.

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