Artefacto Brings Beautiful Interiors to Some of the Most Eclectic Shopping Centers of Miami

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Monday July 2ndArtefacto stands high as a favored destination, among Miami’s most affluent shoppers. The second annual Design House event co-hosted by Ocean Drive Magazine, put together by the company was highly anticipated by some of the most affluent shoppers and renowned names in Interior design from around the Miami Florida area. It’s showcases some of the most internationally renowned designers and home brands in the world.

This years’ 16 designers are Pepe Calderin, Briggs Solomon, Alison Antrobus, Ruby Ramierz, Valeria Lopes, Luciana Fragali, Mirtha Arriaran, Stanley Matz, Cristina Souza, Monica Souza, Marisol Pinto, Javier Soto, Jessica Garcell-Gomez, Susy Acosta, Raquel Mothe and Daniela Pimenta.

Some photos from  Artefacto  at The Village of Merrick Park. 


Upcoming Artefacto Event at Aventura:

As Miami becomes more eclectic and international, the Brazilian influence is seen throughout the city. To commemorate this influence, the new Artefacto Aventura showroom offers an international welcoming with their beautiful window dressing influenced by the Brazilian culture and style. One of the outstanding settings is  inspired by the Copacabana Sidewalk of Rio. You can’t help but notice its international tropical ambiance when you see the Zingara models dressed in sophisticated Brazilian cut bathing suits welcoming the guests into the 40,000 square foot Artefacto showroom.

The Aventura showroom introduces every facet of contemporary and eclectic furniture you could ever want, including the new furniture collection called Passport, featuring pieces made by Paulo Bacchi, an environmentally friendly furniture manufacturer founded in Sao Paolo some 35 years ago.