Smart Irrigation and Garden Control with Crestron Automation

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Smart home technology is flourishing, and the luxurious lawns that enhance outdoor living spaces also hold enormous potential when it comes to convenience and creating a smarter home. Companies like GreenIQ, an Internet of Things startup and wireless irrigation control producer, are diving head first into the luxury residential market by providing smart gardening and irrigation systems.  By joining forces with Crestron, the industry leader in luxury home automations systems, they plan to provide another sub-system to control for homeowners.  AHT Residential has integrated similar irrigation systems into homes in the past using Crestron. With technology constantly improving, we are excited to be able to provide homeowners with all the amenities to make their home comfortable, convenient and secure.


geeniqBy using AHT programmed Crestron smartphones or touch screens, homeowners are able to completely automate, manage and screen their property irrigation schedules through the use of intelligent soil/moisture sensors and local weather information. This can potentially provide clients with up to a 50 percent reduction in landscape water consumption.

Clients can track and gain vital information about their outdoor property, including locating a potential leak or inadequate water flow. Thanks to the new connected garden ecosystem, clients can quickly adjust irrigation schedules based on easily accessed location-specific weather information, and plant sensor and soil moisture data.


  • Increased Control – Being able to manage one to several irrigation systems gives clients the freedom to remotely control any or all areas of their property.
  • Intuitive Monitoring – Thanks to easy integration to current home automation systems, clients can easily use either the dashboard of mobile app to monitor all of their green spaces for potential problems.
  • Adjustable Irrigation Scheduling – With GreenIQ’s connected garden ecosystem, it’s easy to automatically adjust irrigation schedules based on easily-accessed weather forecasts specific to each location.
  • Water Consumption Measurement – AHT clients have access to daily and weekly water consumption levels, which enables better water usage management and easy detection of any faults or system problems.

Through our long partnership with Crestron, AHT Residential has the ability to integrate a multitude of sub-systems in a single Crestron controlled platform, and a smart irrigation system is no different. By providing the added benefits of technology management, savings, water conservation, and the improved health of outdoor living spaces, adding a smart irrigation system may be the right solution for homeowners with large landscape areas.


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Crestron builds the technology that AHT programs and designs into the finest homes around the world. Crestron’s automation and control solutions for luxury properties allow clients to easily control entire environments from a dashboard or smartphone. AHT integrates security, AV, shading, lighting, and HVAC systems to provide greater convenience, comfort and security. All Crestron products are designed and manufactured to work cohesively as one system, enabling easy monitoring, management and control from a single platform.