Smart Home Security: Keep Your Family Safe and Monitor Your Prized Possessions

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Smart home security is a major part of AHT’s award-winning whole-home integrated technology solutions. The goal of a smart home security system is to keep the ones you love safe and to protect your prized possessions. For the most effective solution, all features should be combined in an easy-to-use interface that can be accessed from a handheld device or computer from anywhere in the world.

If you are looking to upgrade or implement a smart home security system, below are a few considerations to keep in mind when reviewing different options.


The biggest concern when implementing a smart home security system is making sure all of the equipment is compatible. AHT has tested and implemented a lot of today’s leading security devices. Our team has the comprehensive knowledge to know what is possible and how different equipment works together with existing systems to allow for automating more tasks.

Management and Monitoring

The advantage of smart home security equipment is that it can be monitored and managed from anywhere. Ideally, the best solution is to monitor all of your equipment on a single device or devices you use most often.

The Essentials

There are a few pieces of smart home security equipment that are essential for every family:

  • Doorbell Camera – If your kids stay home by themselves a doorbell camera is a must. At home or away you can see who’s at the door before letting them in. You can also use a doorbell camera to verify when your kids get home.
  • Smart Door Locks – Smart door locks give you the ability to secure your doors or let someone in remotely.
  • Motion Sensors – Super sensitive motion sensor can detect the slightest movement on a door or window. They are good to have on all of your downstairs windows and doors to the outside.
  • IP Cameras – If you have others coming into the home, such as a housecleaner or babysitter, a Wi-Fi connected camera can help you keep on eye on things from anywhere.  Since most burglaries happen between 10am-3pm when people are away, IP cameras may be the only way to catch a burglar in the act.
  • Fire Protection  –  One last component of a smart home security system is fire protection. Since 2010 there have been over 358,000 house fires a year on average. The best thing you can do to protect your family is to practice fire safety and install smart smoke alarms in your home.

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