How Important is a Good Home Automation Wiring Plan?

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Home automation systems are designed to be sleek, functional, high tech and offer unparalleled control of electronics, lighting and security systems. They’re also meant to be virtually invisible and design friendly.

A well planned wiring systems is the first step towards a highly functional home automation system. The best time to plan for a wiring system is pre-construction. If a home is already built, designing a new wiring plan can become much more complicated.

What Is Structured Wiring?

Structured wiring allows for precise placement of all technology devices in a home. Structured wiring also accounts for future upgrades that may be needed in the future. The wiring for speakers, televisions or other equipment is fished through walls in the ares where the equipment will be placed. Structured wiring allows for a home to have all the desired automation functionality, without compromising on esthetics.

Here are a few deciding factors when it comes to structured wiring.

  • Is your home already built or is it in the process of being built?
  • How important is the reliability of the system to you?
  • How large is the area to be controlled?
  • How important is the ease of future expandability?

Planning Changes to Wiring

If you are planning to have a home automation system installed in an existing built home, then it’s a good idea to have a home automation specialist like AHT to assess your existing wiring, and to determine if a new structured wiring plan is require. If so, AHT will determine what changes will be needed and why.

Providing a set of blueprints for the home, that include details of existing wiring, outlets and other information can also be a big help.

Creative Solutions to Wiring Problems

The good news is most architects and interior designers know the importance of involving a home automation technology specialist early in the design phase of a build. A good home automation company can provide creative solutions to nearly every wiring and design challenge that the home owner, designer or architect may encounter. So even if you want a modern home automation system in a Victorian home, there are ways to make that happen.

The best place to start is with a site visit and a detailed proposal, so if you are looking to automate your home, why not call in an expert?

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