Home Network in the Age of the Internet of Things

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It goes without saying that home technology continues to evolve at a rapid pace. Inventions that we take for granted today, like electricity, the light bulb, televisions and air conditioning, have paved the way for the modern day connected home. The most game changing invention to home technology over the past 50 years has been the rise of the internet. The internet has revolutionized communication for not only people, but for machines and devices we use too.

Connected network devices in a home today include smart TVs, printers, game consoles, network storage devices, satellite receivers, media players, lighting, motorized shades, audio, video, thermostats, ovens, refrigerators and more. The list can go on and on. With the amount of device communications happening within a home, a network has never been more important.

Every year, we witness new home technology products that are being introduced for smarter more advanced controls. There is no doubt that the internet of things is here to stay. As the trend suggestions,  there will only be more devices within a home in the coming years, making a home network that much more important.

Home Network Security

Home owners are often concerned with the security of their network, and for good reason. If the network goes down, all of the devices that are on the network will go down too. The network is of the utmost importance in today’s modern home. Below are several solutions that AHT has implemented to ensure that only the best reliable networks are implemented in every home that we install.

Cisco Encryption

The algorithms that make up Next Generation Encryption (NGE) are the result of more than 30 years of global advances and evolution in cryptography. Each component of NGE has its own history, depicting the diverse history of the NGE algorithms, and their longstanding academic and community review. NGE comprises globally created, globally reviewed, and publicly available algorithms.

Cisco NGE technology offers a complete algorithm by using:

Elliptic curve cryptography (ECC) to replace RSA and DH
Galois/Counter Mode (GCM) of the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) block cipher for high-speed authenticated encryption
SHA-2 for Hashing operations to replace MD5 and SHA-1

Professional Cisco Certified Engineers

The widely respected IT certifications through Cisco are the standard for network engineering, installation and security professionals. When a network needs to be at top level security, hiring a Cisco Certified Engineer is a wise decision.

Plan For The Unexpected

Implementing a redundant network system ensures that if one network goes down that a new network will be established automatically. A redundent system will cost twice as much, but ensures that the network will be active almost 100 percent of the time.


History and new technologies have taught us one thing over and over again. With new technologies, come a new set of conveniences and obstacles. AHT Residential handles the obstacles, so our clients can enjoy all the conveniences that modern day technology offers.

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