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Rotel is the premier manufacturer of affordable, high-performance AV electronics. Since 1961, this family-owned company has been producing a wide range of components that have won over enthusiasts and critics alike. Most known for quality, longevity and value, Rotel enjoys an exceptionally loyal customer base around the world.

“Long before others, Rotel demonstrated that highend sound need not come at a high-end price.”
– The Absolute Sound, April 2014

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Professional Home Theater Designed Audio

Rotel offers a number of professional amplifiers and sound processors to turn any home theater into a cinematic masterpiece.



CD Player

Integrated Amplifiers

Stereo DAC

Surround Processors


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Rotel’s Balanced Design Concept involves Parts Selection, Circuit Topology and Critical Evaluation. It covers:
Power supplies | Selected components | Build quality | Visual appeal | Ease of use!
Balanced Design Concept is based on two simple principles:
1. The best sounding components are not necessarily the most costly.
2. No single design element should be emphasized if it causes performance in any other part of the product to suffer.