Bang & Olufsen

Since 1925, Bang & Olufsen has been the product of rebels and engineers, designers and artists, PhDs and creative thinkers. Providing artistic audio visual solutions that simplifies daily life is their goal.

As classic design icons, B&O products blend in. They don’t conflict with objects already there, they complement them. Bang & Olufsen products don’t impose upon the feelings you already have about your space; they simply enhance those emotions.

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Entertainment Design


Our eyes constantly adjust automatically to lighting conditions without us noticing. Bang & Olufsen’s Automatic Picture Control brings this to your television. A built-in sensor measures the full 360 degrees of light around the room. This nerve center collects instant lighting data that that allows our televisions to automatically adjust colors, sharpness, and contrast in the same way our brains adapt our eyes to changing light.

Experience the magic of a movie theater without leaving home.



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