Lighting For Convenience & Energy Efficiency

Crestron Lighting & Shades

Crestron lighting control and motorized shading solutions give you precise, super- quiet, one-touch control of electric and natural light. They add beauty, convenience, and comfort to your home. Even better, they lower your utility bills and increase the value and security of your home..

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Lighting & Motorized Shades

A centralized system is one in which all the high-voltage circuits are terminated within a Crestron automation enclosure and operate under a central control system. In a centralized design, the high voltage lighting, fans, motors, and switch circuits are individually wired directly to the control modules in the Crestron automation enclosure.
Motorized shades and draperies are ideal for homes with:

  • Large windows
  • Many windows
  • Skylights
  • Second-story openings
  • Windows blocked by furniture
motorized crestron shades

Crestron Lighting and Shading

Automated lighting and shading systems translate into year-round savings on electrical, heating and
cooling costs. As much as 50% of home heating and cooling energy can be lost through its windows, adding up
to 25% to heating bills and as much as 75% to air conditioning bills.

You know those unsightly clusters of wall switches and dimmers all over your home? You can replace them with one, sleek, in-wall touch screen or an elegant keypad, complete with back-lit engraved buttons for easy identification and use.

crestron lighting control

Looking for super-quiet, precision control of daylight? Crestron Roller Shade Systems are the
perfect solution, available in widths up to 15 feet, to meet the size requirements of any project.


Crestron Drapery Track Systems provide quiet, elegant, convenient control of pinch pleat,
Ripplefold® and Accordia® drapery systems.

Crestron Skylight Shading Systems give you versatile light control and an easy option for year-round energy savings.

Crestron Roman Shades eliminate the need for lifting cords, providing safer, quieter, and smoother operation.