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The Perfect Design

World-class home entertainment is much more than high-quality audio and video components. A proper home theater or media room requires foresight and planning. Each room in your home has unique acoustic characteristics. During our design and consultation session, we will advise on the best audio and video options available to achieve the best home entertainment experience.

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Entertainment Done Right

Whether you want to replicate the exhilaration of the big screen experience in your home, or create a relaxed mixed-media space, AHT Residential has a range of stunning options to suit any style.

Your luxury home theater or media room can be designed as a seamless continuation of the rest of your home’s aesthetic, or it can be like stepping into a fully-immersive fantasy. AHT Residential craftsmen work with award-winning brands to bring you a bespoke media space that can include:

  • sound-proofing
  • optimal speaker placement
  • motorized sliding panels and screens
  • automatic lighting, sound, and curtain presets for that authentic cinema experience
  • elegant controls that complement the room design
  • engineered so the room’s shape and seating layout optimize the audio and position of the screen
  • full panoramic view with IMAX
  • a range of custom seating options


AHT recognizes the importance of the seating experience in luxury home viewing. By working with top seating manufacturers, you have the option to personalize furnishings down to the last detail. We offer sofa designs that hide their functionality and would not look out of place in a luxurious living room, or ‘screening room’ seating  that celebrates traditional cinema design. The choice is yours.

  •  finest quality materials in any color and finish
  • handcrafted, and custom-made to order
  • articulating headrest
  • backrests and footrests that operate independently from one another
  • electronic lumbar support
  • heating and cooling ventilation
  • dual motorized recline and incline mechanism
  • sofa designs that transform into lounge beds
  • an endless array of seating layouts to suit your space
  • cup holders!

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Our audio and video systems scale to fit any home and any movie collection, delivering 4K Ultra HD or high-dynamic-range video through industry-leading speakers. AHT works with 10 carefully-chosen brands, allowing you to choose the system which most meets your needs.

  • floor and wall-mounted speakers
  • discreet, space-saving in-wall and in-ceiling speakers
  • pristine surround sound
  • aesthetics that complement the design of the room
  • the perfect synthesis of form and function


Your home theater or media room can form part of a whole-home automation system.

  • temperature and humidity regulation at the touch of a screen
  • program and control lighting, sound and shade presets
  • seamlessly integrate your music collection for pre-show ambiance
  • all your movies and albums together in an award-winning interface
  • smart home controls include a programmable remote, a customized touch screen interface, and Apps for iPad


About AHT Global

Three Divisions, One unique experience.

Established in the year 1996 as Advanced Home Theater – a home theater and residential technology company – AHT Global has grown into one of the leading technology integrators in the world, with over 75 employees in our Miami, New York and Philadelphia locations. AHT Global is the parent company to three distinct divisions: AHT Residential, AHT Commercial and AHT Marine.