Watch the Year’s Biggest Game At Your Ultimate Home Sports Bar

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New Orleans maybe the best party city in the world and host to this year’s Super Bowl, but you can host the ultimate house party with your own ultimate home sports bar. The experts at AHT Residential are excited about Crestron’s exciting ten-screen HD touch panel video wall. With Crestron’s amazing technology everyone will be clamoring to come to your house to watch the big game, even if they only watch for the commercials.

The focus of this amazing setup is two large HD screens. With two smaller touch panel screens on the wings, and six smaller touch panel screens on a row on top of the two larger screens, every guess will be able to find something to entertain them. The most amazing part of the Crestron system is it’s seamless integration.

This system allows viewers to simply “drag” the program from on of the smaller screens onto the larger screen. There is no need to walk over to a remote control center. Crestron’s gesture technology also allows a would-be commentator to pause the game and draw on the screen. This is perfect for diagramming a play or explaining a hilarious commercial. Once the analysis is over, the program can be unpaused or rejoined live.

The ten screens can receive feeds from more than just television. Individual screens can show programming from a PC, blu-ray, camera, or even a game system. With Crestron’s smooth integration, switching video source is easy. Any of the televisions can show content from whatever source you choose. The customization of your viewing experience does not end there.

The larger screens can show the game and show a breaking news or stock ticker across the bottom. The six-screen panel above the two larger screens can also show a video from a single source broken over the sox screens. A scrolling message can also run across the top six-screens. This all can be programmed and changed from one Crestron’s touch panel screens. You have instant access to the Crestron nerve center from your ultimate home sports bar.