TRUFIG Hidden Outlets and Keypads Featured at Miami Beach, Apogee

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TRUFIG, the hidden technology solution, continues to develop in popularity. This recent example is a project by AHT Residential in the luxurious Miami Beach, Apogee condominiums located on the most southern point of South Beach right across from historic Joe’s Stone Crab.

Like most interiors, there were a multitude of different finishes the interior designer specced for the condo that included stone, wood, plaster, and drywall. TRUFIG had the solution for each surface.

We were able to take a few photos of the TRUFIG integration last week. We thought we would share them with you before the rest of the project is complete. As you can see in the photo’s below, TRUFIG integrated seamlessly with each finish.

The craftsmen involved in the TRUFIG installation process did a great job with the level 5 drywall and faux finishes to match all the different materials. As we say often, it is always a pleasure working along side skilled craftsman. The results always come out stunning when everyone communicates, works together, and takes pride in their craft.

In addition to TRUFIG, this Apogee project also features audio, video, lighting, and control integration. The integration is still in progress. We thought we would give you a quick glimpse into TRUFIG and leave the rest of the integrated technology for a later post.

Key Takeaway: Great craftsman, great products, great results!