Three Eco-Friendly and Pet Friendly Smart Home Device Startups in 2018

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More and more homeowners are becoming comfortable with connected technology to control and manage their living environments. Lights, shades and climate control are the core eco-friendly systems in a home that have gained popularity in recent years. Now, a new generation of smart devices are being developed to push the envelope further in smart home technology.

Below are three new device start-ups that hope to become mainstream in the coming years.

Breezi Air Pulse

The founders of Breezi developed a device called the AirPulse that notifies homeowners of clogged filters and can prevent costly and unnecessary HVAC repairs.

AirPulse is a simple device that is inserted into the face of an HVAC air filter. The so-called “fitness tracker for HVAC systems” measures pressure variances across a home’s air filter to detect clogged filters. The device communicates via Bluetooth to a user’s smartphone when filters need changing, and can be linked to the user’s Amazon account to order filters automatically. The device, currently in beta testing, is scheduled to be available to consumers sometime this year.


Minimizing home water usage is a perennial issue for homeowners. This is especially true as more regions have been affected by drought in the past decade. The Buoy smart water device helps monitor home water usage and can shut off the water if it detects a problem.

The submarine-shaped device ties into your home’s water line between the main shutoff valve and your home. It monitors water flow and reports usage to your smartphone via Wi-Fi. The Buoy app allows you to monitor daily and long-term water usage and where it is being used, so you can improve your water-use habits.

The Buoy also can help prevent damage to your home with a built-in valve that can shut off water to the house in case of an emergency. The app alerts homeowners if an abnormally high amount of water is being used and sends an alert to the user’s phone. A button on the app cuts the water flow and helps prevent damage.


The Petrics suite of products—including a connected pet bed, activity tracker, and app— allows dog and cat owners to keep a watchful eye on their companions. The team started by launching a comprehensive pet food app, in which data on more than 15,000 different pet foods were aggregated and analyzed. Users can input their pet’s info (breed, age, weight), and the app matches appropriate food options while allowing the user to order food directly from the app.

The Petrics team supplemented its app with the development of a smart pet bed and activity tracker to get real-time pet health data. The bed has sensors that record your pet’s weight and how long it sleeps. It also monitors the animal’s temperature and provides climate control to ensure it has optimal sleeping conditions. The system includes an activity-tracking collar that records data on the activity of your pet and provides feedback to the Petrics app.

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