Taking Virtual Reality to the Next Level: Custom Integrated VR Rooms

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As virtual reality (VR)  becomes mainstream, the choice to dedicate an entire room to virtual reality is becoming increasingly common.

Custom Integrated VR

A custom integrated virtual reality room is designed to create the most immersive VR experience possible. High-end VR platforms are combined with unique room-scale tracking layouts. In addition, acoustic treatment, 3D audio and home automation are combined to deliver a one of a kind lifelike VR experience.

The Platforms

HTC Vive and Oculus Rift are the two main platforms on the market today. They both offer expansive video game worlds and out-of-body experiences within your VR room.

Reccomeded Room Size

When it comes to VR, room size is important. SteamVR statistics from June 2016 showed that 52 percent of users have a play area at least 2.5m x 2m (about 53.8 sq ft), so this is the minimum that room-scale VR game developers typically target. The bigger the space, the better! Ceiling height is also important and should be clear of any hanging lights or ceiling fans.

The Tracking System & Sensors

The tracking system is key to your VR experience — it’s how you move around and interact within your VR world. Properly mapping out a tracking system ensures safety and the best game experience.  In addition, sensors need to be  placed around the room to make it possible to use the whole room and maximize the amount of movement possible in-game.

Climate Control,  Shading and Lighting

A climate controlled room with climate senors can help maintain a comfortable playing enviornment. In additon, the room should be free of any sunlight and reflective materials. Automated lighting and motorized shades can be integrated into the room and controlled using a touchpanel or handheld remote. By pushing the “Virtual Reality Game Play Button” the proper room envioment can be established before playing.

Professional Acoustic Treatment

Matching the quality of the visuals with the audio, makes all the difference. An acoustic treated  VR room will map out your VR space perfectly and optomize your speaker set-up so that you can detect exactly where a sound is coming, allowing you to make more accurate in-game decisions.


Since you will be standing most of the time while playing VR games,  anti-fatigue matting is recommened to help reduce leg and back pain. For occasional use, a rug or carpet will also suffice. Using a rug or custom-sized anti-fatigue mat offers an additional benefit – you can feel the boundries of the tracking and stay within the designated area.

Are You Planning a VR Room?

You will have the best experience with a professionally designed space or at the very least following the guidelines in this post.

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