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The home theater experience starts with a design and a desire for the best audio and video experience possible. But soon after the theater is installed, movie content quickly becomes the next biggest concern. Luckily today, there are many ways to obtain content, but for the most advanced movie content systems, Kaleidescape and PRIMA Cinema are in a class by themselves.

New York City Design Center, PRIMA and Kaleidescape recently showed how they plan to turn a home theater into a true movie experience. PRIMA Cinema brings first-run movies right into their customer’s homes on the same day they are released in theaters. Kaleidescape makes access to movie collections much easier while providing a high-quality 4K video output.

PRIMA Cinema

PRIMA depends on partnerships with the theater companies to make sure their movies are available. Films will be downloaded automatically, and will be available as long as the movie is playing in the traditional theaters. In fact, because of these partnerships, PRIMA can offer movies to their customers that are only released in certain cities, like the hit Steve Jobs.
The PRIMA’s system requires customers to have the latest technology in their home theater, but the experience PRIMA provides is unmatched. PRIMA will only be available to theaters that seat less than 25, and promises an unmatched experience.

Kaleidescape Encore

Kaleidescape wants to make sure customers can turn watching all movies, including those they already own, into an unforgettable experience. Kaleidescape features more than 11,000 movies from six of the seven major studios (currently, Kaleidescape and Paramount are negotiating to make that all seven). Films are displayed by their cover art and recommendations can be shown based on actor, genre, date, and many other categories automatically.

The Ultimate Movie Experience

On both systems, all audio and visual content is downloaded before the movie starts, so there are no pauses in delivery or annoying buffering messages that get in the way of the experience. And the color and clarity of the images shown are unmatched. In fact, proponents of these companies claim that their customers will never go out to the movies again.

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