Plasma Televisions: The End of an Era?

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When plasma TVs first hit the market in the early 2000s, they were considered the next-generation in technology that would eventually replace the large and heavy cathode ray TVs of that era. LCD TVs also entered the market and proved to be a formidable competitor. While many industry analysts have argued that plasma technology offered better features than LCD, such …

A 4K Television That’s the Size of A House

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Titan, a British hand crafted television manufacturer, has designed the largest indoor outdoor TV in the world to date. With 4K resolution to go along with a 370-inch screen, the television is a ridiculous combination of size and clarity. The giant TV goes by the name of  Zeus, and it will make its first public appearance at the Cannes Film …


Seura Mirror Televisions: This Built America

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AHT’s long time partner, Seura Mirror Televisions, was recently featured and recognized on the eleventh episode of This Built America web series presented by Ford Motors. As the name suggests, the web series focuses on companies who have become a success manufacturing goods in the United States. “This Built America is a project devoted to the people and companies re-imagining …