Prima Cinema: Bring the Movie Theater to You

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What is Prima Cinema?
Designed by BMW DesignWorksUSA in Southern California, Prima Cinema is a well crafted high-end device that streams just released theater films in true 1080P HD, 3D, and surround sound video formats directly to your home. That’s what it does, but what it  offers is comfort, convenience, and security to a high-end moviegoer.

Comfort – Watching just released movies in the comforts of your home theater or media room is just about as comfortable as you can get.

Convenience – No reason to fuss over show times, watch the movie anytime with your friends and family.

Security – If security is important, with Prima Cinema there is no need to take the risk of going into a crowded movie theater.

When and where can you buy one?
Prima Cinema is available for distribution in the Spring of 2012. Only a handful of dealers throughout the country and world are authorized to sell the system. AHT Residential, as you guessed it, happens to be one of them. There is expected to be a high demand for these devices, if you would like to pre-order one, you can do so by contacting us. 

Key Takeaway: Prima Cinema will create a new market for studios while adding value to an exclusive niche market.