Must-Ask Questions When Choosing a Smart Home Integrator for Your Project

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Home technology systems have grown in scale and complexity, making it essential to partner with a quality, skilled technology integrator. You need the right design and the best products for your project, and an integrator has the knowledge in both those areas

Systems today may include lighting control, energy management, security, home networking, HVAC control, audio and video distribution, media rooms, home theaters, and more. The possibilities are endless.

There’s just one problem: Every installer you meet seems to promise you that they are the integrator that can deliver all of your projects’ specifications. How do you determine which one is truly best suited to work with? Easy. Spend some time getting to know each one by asking them these important questions:

Can I see projects?

Ask to see case studies of past projects and testimonials from previous clients to get a clear idea of the quality you can expect.

Case studies can also provide another huge benefit in the form of inspiration, which is particularly helpful if you’re not entirely sure on exactly what kind of home automation system you want.

Can you integrate other leading products and devices into the system?

What happens if you already have a home entertainment system installed in your property and now want to set that up to be powered by your system? Or if you’re planning to integrate intelligent lighting control into your home at some point in the future?

Before you start your project then, ask whether your dealer has the expertise and experience integrating other consumer electronic products and brands into your system of choice. They should be able to not only install your system but also integrate all of your favorite devices so that you can enjoy one complete, bespoke system.

What are your long-term support options?

Your system should function flawlessly long after it has been installed in your home. Yet, there are times when unexpected problems do occur, or when you may need a little help making the most of your system.

That’s why it pays to ask your installer if they offer after-sales care and support packages. By investing in long-term support, you have the peace of mind that comes from knowing that no matter what happens, your smart home system is always in safe hands.

Be ready to answer questions, too.

A good home technology professional should be asking you questions as well. Their questions will generally be exploratory and lifestyle/usage-related so they can discover how you will use the system and make sure they deliver the best product. Their questions might include:

Are you comfortable with technology?

Have you ever had a system like this before? If so what did you like and not like about it?
Aesthetically, what do you picture the system looking like?
What kind of budget did you have in mind for the project?

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