Miami Beach Dream Home Project

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Wouldn’t it be great to watch and learn about the various stages of the construction of an energy efficient dream home with practical AV automation integrated into it? Well, that’s what Ron Callis President at Firefly Design Group out of Hollywood, Florida thought when he heard of one of AHT Residential’s principals, Robin Bogle’s 5,500 sq. ft. “Miami Beach Dream Home Project” that Robin and his family were beginning to develop last year. Firefly Design Group assists AV integrators like AHT in the development and design of the documentation for a clients AV system. Long before Ron created Firefly, we had a relationship with him from his days at Crestron, so when Ron approached Robin with this idea, it was a welcomed partnership.

It’s not only a great idea to chronicle an energy efficient dream home project with practical AV automation, but to chronicle a successful AV integrator like Robin and how he would build his own dream home for him and his family to enjoy for years to come is something really worth chronicling.

Ron has teamed up with Ce Pro Magazine as well as Gear Media Group. Ce Pro is a highly regarded AV Magazine. They have been publishing articles on their site about the project going back to October of 2010. Here are links to their articles

Behind the Scenes: Building a Miami Beach Dream Home
Miami Beach Dream Home: Birth of a Project
Miami Beach Dream Home: LEED Frustration
Miami Beach Dream Home: Scrapping LEED Certification

Gear Media Group was brought on to create what is going to be a series of videos about the project. I am really excited about the videos. They will give a more in depth illustration of the players involved and the project as a whole. Here is the first video below.

I spoke to Ron late last week and he informed me that several more videos are almost complete. We will be posting them here, and I am sure Ron will be posting them on the Firefly Design Group site as well.

Key Takeaways:
An AV integrator can promise to build you a system like they would build a system for themselves. But when it really comes down to it, it’s not their system. If you are interested to know how a knowledgeable AV integrator would build his dream home with practical AV, well here it is! Stay tuned for more updates on this exciting project.