Meridian Sooloos: 6 Reasons Why We Think It Rocks!

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The word Meridian in the AV industry is synonymous with the highest level of precision engineering and craftsmanship, bar none. They arguably produce the purest sounding speakers as well as the most visual stunning projectors, and DVD players the industry has to offer. In 2009, they purchased Sooloos, arguably the most intuitive audiophile media manger available today.

It was a risk Meridian took purchasing another company and it’s product back in 2009, but it seems as if that risk has paid off. We have had the privilege to integrate the Sooloos into a few of our client’s Crestron automated systems over the past year or so, and it has received strong reviews. What our clients like best is the forward thinking song selections that the Sooloos provides. Like the video above illustrates, it gives the user a rich dynamic media experience on a tabletop touch panel device.

Here are 6 additional reasons why we think the Meridian Sooloos rocks!

1. Quality and Craftsmanship
The Sooloos looks and functions like a fine piece of art that gracefully stores and distributes your music in the purest form. Period.

2. Selection Process
Sooloos gives the user more control over their music collection than any other digital media device. They can choose to access the content however they want; by artists, album, genre, sub-genre, year, composer, “works”, instrumentation, form, producer, ect… the list goes on!

3. Information
Sooloos stores and provides a ton of information about all the music stored . The basic information like artists, album, ect are included. But in addition, it also shows: release date, Sub-Genre, Moods, Reviews, and credits.

4. Control
Anybody can walk up to a Sooloos and make it play, and this is because it uses a play “Queue”. This allows for the user to select what they want to hear, when they want to hear it! There is also applications for the Sooloos. It can be controlled with an iPad, iPhone, Mac, or PC.

5. FREE Content Uploading
Meridian will upload a large portion of your content onto the Sooloos for FREE!

6. Music
At days end, it’s all about the music. No matter where the music is from, Sooloos will play it. It can be CD’s, downloaded songs, internet radio, or Rhapsody. The Sooloos will make it easy to mix them all together, so the music can be enjoyed in it’s most purest uninterrupted form.

Sooloos Specs:
• 500-gigabyte hard disk stores approximately 1,000 CDs in lossless FLAC format
• 17-inch, 1,280 x 1,024-rez color touchscreen with slot-loading CD drive for importing discs
• Simultaneously stores files in lossless FLAC and MP3 formats for easy export; supports WAV, AAC, and AIFF files up to 96-kHz/24-bit resolution
• Free iPhone/iPad app for system control
• Coaxial digital audio output; Ethernet port; Meridian SpeakerLink and Comms connections; Trigger and Remote IR minijack connections
• Dimensions + Weight: 18 x 13½ x 7¼ in; 23½ lb

Key Takeaway:
The Sooloos is a luxury audio media manager that will add an additional level of class and sophistication to any high-end AV system.