Lighting Control Solutions: Make Every Room Spectacular

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You’ve probably noticed how lights in a restaurant or spa dim as the night falls. It’s not just a power saving feature, but the lower light intensity makes you more relaxed. Thankfully, there is a way to use this modern technology in the home.

Every lighting system can be customized according to your needs. Movie lovers will relish the power to dim the lights with one tap of the smartphone as the opening credits roll in their home theater. It all comes down to your ingenuity and having a professional and fully licensed electrician add visual novelty to your living space. Here are some of our suggestions:


Above is an AHT Project Featuring Lighting Control and Automation in 39 Units at Regalia

Living Room (multi purpose)

The living room is the center of attention and activity in every household. Adjust the fireplace gas levels and roll down the motorized shades and you’re ready to enjoy the rest of the evening.

Main Bedroom

This is the place of respite and tranquility for some, or heated passion for others. In all cases, it is possible to adjust the lighting levels without disrupting the action and according to your immediate needs.

Home Theater

Creating a genuine cinematic experience is impossible without the proper lighting system. This is why AV companies offer customizable lighting packages, specially intended for the home theater.

Main Bathroom

Shut the doors, dim the lights and immerse yourself in the beautifully artistic environment that soothes the senses and erases the stress. A bathroom session with dimmed lights before bedtime is also the perfect introduction to the dream world. Bathroom is perhaps the only place in the house where we are truly alone and the only way we can have genuine privacy and solitude to think about everything from a new perspective.

The Home Office

Nothing contributes to the casual atmosphere of the home office more than the dimmable lighting, with the controls always within your reach. Even if your home office is intended exclusively for your use, it helps you ease from work mode into leisure mode in no time. Doing paperwork in your free time and without stress doesn’t have to be a burden anymore. Make it an actually enjoyable activity with the help of variable fully programmable lighting systems.

Individual room lighting control

We have improved upon the conventional designs and created fully customizable lighting systems. We removed the clumsy knobs and switches that get stuck and replaced them with multifunctional apps, keypads and programmable interfaces. From bathroom to bedroom, the level of illumination will always be the exact way you want it to be.

Types of Lighting Systems Controls

Unified or Segmented Lighting Control – All lighting control mechanisms belong to one of two categories – they control the entire house or just a single room. The unified lighting control systems give you a quick overview of the light fixtures throughout the house and an easy way to control them, including the outdoors. This is an especially suitable lighting solution for large residences, where the sheer number of rooms makes it unfeasible to check them individually.

Segmented Lighting Control

This type of system gives you greater, more granulated control over any single room. This helps make the atmosphere in that room much more intimate and comfortable.

Wireless or Wired Lighting Control

This is perhaps the toughest choice since the advantages of each solution are not as obvious as it might initially seem. Installing wired lighting control systems in an already existing house can be quite a task, since the wires need to be carefully measured and strewn all over the house. On the other hand, wireless lighting control systems are much more user-friendly.

Control Input Methods

Keypads are hands down the best possible solution for lighting control. Preferably mounted on walls of each room, in places where old-fashioned light switches usually are, lighting control keypads are the best simply because they can never be lost. The alternatives are touchscreens, remotes and tablet/smartphone apps.


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