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Less Is More: Crestron’s Universal App Control

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These days, just about anything you can control with a remote control, you can do with a mobile app. Crestron’s revolutionary iPad and iPhone apps mean no more having to keep multiple remotes or open multiple apps to control a single device.  All you need is one app that controls all of your home’s devices. With the 2014 introduction to Crestron Pyng, home automation has become that much more convenient and simple.

The On-Going Trend in Home Automation System Controls

Over the years, the  hottest trend when it comes to controlling home entertainment devices is the mobile app. Every electronic device for your home typically comes with an app of its own. And, in most cases, these apps give you much more efficient control over many devices than their original remotes, devices such as:

  • TVs
  • Blu-ray players
  • A/V receivers
  • Media devices
  • Home lighting
  • Heating & A/C
  • Home security systems   

With so many electronic devices, any typical home could be looking at 7 or more handheld remote controls or 7 or more independent mobile apps. With independent apps,  you have to  switch from one app to the next to move from music to movies to lighting and so one. This is inconvenient for any homeowner.


With Crestron Mobile Pro, it gives homeowners the power to control all of  their home devices, using a single, universal iPad or iPhone app.

3 Reasons to Replace Remote/App Clutter with a Universal App

Why should you give up that pile of remote controls and replace it with a Crestron controlled universal app? Here are three  reasons why:

  1. Ease of Use – With Crestron Mobile Pro, you can easily control your home electronics systems with a single iPad or iPhone app. Turn any Apple iPhone, iPad or other mobile device into a virtual Crestron touchscreen. Control your whole house A/V system, heating and A/C systems, security system, shades, lighting, home entertainment devices and so much more from anywhere with online access.
  2. Flexible Programming and Configuration – Crestron Mobile Pro gives you the ability to add and replace new devices to your system quickly and easily. It even makes it simple to change mobile carriers. The best part is that there’s no special programming needed to enjoy any combination of Android and Apple devices on one system.
  3. Customizable Graphical User Interface – Crestron mobile apps allow developers to customize canvases with stunning graphics. This allows for a very user-friendly, intuitive user interface. You can easily transfer a GUI from any Crestron touchscreen to your own mobile decide for consistent functionality and style.

Crestron Support & Design

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