Intelligent Home Technology Provides Endless Opportunities for Architects and Designers

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Convenience, comfort, and control are the main homeowner benefits when incorporating a smart home system. While this is important, this is not what inspires interior designers and architects to build a better home.

Smart home technology should stretch the imagination of architects and designers. It should act as a new toolbox that has endless possibilities. Smart home technology should bring flexibility to a home and allow for more creative possibilities. For example: reducing energy consumption, automatic shading and lighting systems, video wall systems or even automated lifts that can reconfigure a living area.

The best-designed homes are a team effort with the architect, interior designer, and smart home integrator working together to optimize each other’s vision and skills. All to often a smart home integrator is incorporated into a project way-too late, meaning opportunities are missed to better improve the outcome of a designed home. The smart home integrator is forced to work within the architect’s pre-defined scope which can cause for missed design elements to better incorporate smart home technology.

Smart home systems can take on many forms: from a minimalist space with flush-mounted keypads and recessed technology keeping everything out of sight when not needed, to a retrofit solution that makes it much easier to manage a listed building. Energy efficiency is another area where huge amounts of progress have been made in recent years, allowing for creative integrated energy-saving solutions that would not have been possible before.

An ambitious smart home integrator can offer a fresh perspective on a project; if AHT Global is part of the conversation, then our knowledge and expertise can be useful in pushing the boundaries on what is possible in terms of intelligent home design.

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