Home Automation Made for Her

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Gadgets and electronic devices have long been considered man’s territory mainly because men enjoy the challenge of making automation do “cool stuff.”  This mode of thinking is so pervasive that articles talking about home automation make reference to products or plans with a high WAF or “Wife Acceptance Factor.” The challenge becomes less about what home automation can do and more about what the woman of the house would like to have.

Hidden Technology

Trufig Outles and products

TRUFIG Helps Make Your Home’s Technology Flush

The truth is that women actually appreciate the utilitarian value of home automation more than just the “cool stuff.”  Many home automation products play directly to a woman’s sensibilities, most particularly when it comes to design.  Trufig products focus primarily on hiding technology by blending in with the overall design. Luxurious living spaces aren’t planned with wall plugs; Trufig works to hide necessary technology through flush, almost invisible designs.




Seura Mirror Television

Another technology that is a male favorite, but isn’t necessarily a major component of an aesthetically designed room is the television.  While home automation can provide a variety of functions that work directly with your television, the Seura Mirror Televisions obviously are designed to enhance any room.  The founders of Seura, Tim and Gretchen Gilbertson, wanted to create products that would provide technology that added to the décor, and the mirror television was born. When the display is on, Séura’s vanishing mirror provides a crisp television image. And when they’re off, the technology is hidden behind a decorative mirror that complements the room.

Lighting and Motorized Shade Controls

Lighting and Shade Controls

Lighting and Shade Controls

When looking at a new or existing space, the woman of the house will almost always focus on lighting – both natural and artificial.  Being able to control lighting with a mouse click or a screen swipe, while at home or away, is a utility function that makes sense and can provide extra security in addition to giving her the controls to the ambiance of the house. Lutron and Crestron both specialize in lighting solutions both for the artificial light and for natural light.  Their motorized shade designs can be incorporated into almost any décor, and provide a control factor that will quickly become one of the things that both he and she will wonder how they were ever able to live without it.

By getting the woman involved in your home automation design, you can easily implement the “cool stuff” while creating a beautiful space where the home automation is made for her.